Elk River Jack Russell's is a small kennel located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Our kennel is named after a river that runs near the property and is well known for its 80 foot waterfall, Elk River Falls. It's also a favorite spot for our family and our terriers for warm weather days.

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Our terriers are from working bloodlines but they are part of our family as well.  We  register our terriers through the JRTCA when they reach their first birthday and enter trials that the JRTCA sanctions. 
The Jack Russell is first and foremost a hunting dog and is not for everyone. For more info on the JRTCA and to make sure the Jack Russell Terrier is the right dog for you visit www.terrier.com.  
We adhere to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America Breeders Code of Ethics and breed to the standards set forth by the JRTCA. We breed only a few select litters per year and breed first and foremost for working ability and conformation but also for a sound athlete with brains. 
We are dedicated to preserving this wonderful terrier and strive to retain and enhance all the wonderful qualities that have endeared us to the breed. We truly take pleasure in hitting the woods with our dogs and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors enjoying the cool North Carolina Mountain air.

UPDATE 05/28/23